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Model theory of fields: derivations, orders and valuations.

A conference in honour of Françoise Delon

Paris - 2 and 3 June 2016

Presentation of the meeting

This meeting is organised at the occasion of the retirement of Françoise Delon. Although we expect Françoise to continue her research at Paris 7 for many years to come, her colleagues wish to take this occasion to honor her work to date.

Her work in model theory is important for its introduction of fundamental concepts and ideas, and for her major advances in applications of model theory to mathematics. Her work has had a strong impact in many areas, including separably closed fields, valued fields and groups, differential fields, and C-minimal theories. All these themes are at the forefront of current research in model theory and will be represented in the mathematics of the meeting.

Due to security measures, people external to the university need to be on a guest list to enter the university. If you are planning to come to the conference (or to the closing reception), please register to the conference to be on the list, or else write us an email to
There will be several strikes in France this week and they will concern trains, planes, and the urban transport in Paris. The traffic will certainly be disrupted, but for the moment it is difficult to predict the impact. Please double check your journey. These websites might help you for transport in Paris (RATP - trafic) and trains.


Luc Bélair (UQAM, Montréal)
Franck Benoist (Orsay)
Esther Elbaz (Paris 7)
Catherine Goldstein (CNRS - Paris 6)
Martin Hils (Paris 7)
François Loeser (UPMC)
Fares Maalouf (Université Saint Joseph, Beyrouth)
Dugald Macpherson (Leeds)
Gonenç Onay (Mimar Sinan, Istamboul)
Marie-Françoise Roy (CNRS - Rennes)
Tamara Servi (Paris 7)
Marcus Tressl (Manchester)
Carol Wood (Wesleyan, USA)

The meeting will take place on June 2 and 3, 2016, in the amphitheater Turing, Building Sophie Germain.


Pablo Cubides Kovacsics (Université de Caen)
Marie-Hélène Mourgues (Université de Créteil)
Patrick Simonetta (Université Paris 7).


UMR 7586 of the CNRS, Université Paris Diderot Paris 7, ANR (ValCoMo) and ERC (MOTMELSUM).